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Announcement: Active development of PowerPhlogger has been stopped as of August 2006.

PowerPhlogger has not had any active development for more than 2 years. The announced successor Phlogger3 will not be released. Also, I am not able to provide you with support for any previous version.
I am sorry about the bad news.
PowerPhlogger was a great project and it grew to a huge community of users and supporters. I really appreciate all the help and enthusiasm you brought towards this project.
During the last years I had to move on and focus on other projects. Sometimes it just seems that life's a bit too short for all the things I'd like to do...
All PowerPhlogger sites will stay online and the board on is still there. As long as you keep it running, PowerPhlogger will not die. Maybe, some day somebody will write a fork of PowerPhlogger and move on. I am looking forward to it.

take care, Philip Iezzi

Currently the Phlogger3 codebase has not been opened to public.
You can check the current web-tree of PPhlogger 2.x's CVS:
For further instructions, please consult the following tutorial:

We cannot yet tell you, when Phlogger3 will be ready for public release. Let it be a surprise!

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